We’re moving!

10 09 2010

Hi, finally found what I needed.

So people, if you want electro music: come to http://hunzhunz.blogspot.com/ now. That’s an order.


3 Tracks from Surkin!All new!

1 07 2010

Today I’m giving you 3 new tracks from Surkin, yeah, I know, I’m awesome.

So here it is, hope you enjoy!

In other news, I’d like to say sorry, for the lack of updates, but new electro is hard to find and I’m still trying to move the blog to a free web host where I could make it better(and maybe put a board, for us to discuss), but I don’t even know if it exists. But I promise you, as soon as I find it, I’ll go back to one post per day. Just bare with me.

Also, don’t hesitate to leave comments, in any language you like. Makes me happy 🙂

And if you read all this, you deserve a little something, so here’s some awesome DnB!

Mustard Pimp – No Reason Mixtape

26 06 2010

New Mustard Pimp Mixtape. That’s it fuckers.

BEAT TORRENT – Live Set 2009 *Download*

23 06 2010

Beat torrent just released the final version of their Live set 2009. Just enjoy, and see why french are the best djs in the world(we don’t suck at everything).


Sound Of Stereo – June mix for Pure FM

21 06 2010

All new Sound Of Stereo mixtape? Fuck YEAH! So here it is. 30 minutes of electro awesomeness.

The Motherfuckers DJs – Come on Motherfuckers Vol. 1

19 06 2010

Since Mexico has beaten the french, I’m going to talk about mexican djs! 2 guys from mexico(the city), bringing heavy electro. You’re going to enjoy that my friends.


By the way, fucking great artwork.


17 06 2010

Hi, first of all, I’d like to apologize for the lack of updates lately. I’m looking for a job and it’s not going great….But fuck that bullshit, the other reason is that I’m trying to find a free web host for the blog, so I can make it better, faster, stronger. I’m also trying to put the word around ther world that Hunz Hunz is alive, and is going to be the best fucking electro website. But I’m alone…

So now, I need your help: If you got a tip for a free web host(a friend, a dog, anything really), tell me. And you shall not be disapointed by me, I promise!

And to thank you for reaing all this, here’s a little something:

(Yeah, I know, this track is fucking awesome)